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About Us

Clak Impressions is a digital advertising and online marketing agency that helps African businesses grow their brand through inbound marketing and social media marketing. We increase the visibility of our clients through online advertising and content generation.

Awards & Features

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Our Services
CLAK INTELLIGENCE BRANDING:We make you look professional in the sight of your clients by customizing your social media pages with more visual contents on your social media pages.

CONTENT CREATION: We help you create relevant contents - videos, images and text - that generate prospects and converts leads to customers.

SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: We understand the pain of our clients - how to constantly engage with their fans. Our software tools help them to this.
CLAK ADVERTISEMENT SOCIAL MEDIA ADS:Our understanding of how paid ads work on social media makes us the best company to handle all your social media advertisement campaigns.

DISPLAY NETWORKS: We use our syndicated network of online publishers globally to increase your reach and viewership.

SEARCH ENGINE ADS:Google AdWords, Bing Ads and other search engine ads are within our network.
CLAK PROCTOR SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING:The easiest way to track what is published online and on social web by competitors, clients or social influencers. Listen to what is relevant about your brand that will not lead to lead generation.

ANALYTICS: We can help you scale down your search for what is being said about your brand using geography, language, social media channels, with reports generated at your own schedule and in your own format.

SOCIAL INFLUENCERS: We enable you discover the influential personalities, opinion leaders, writers and bloggers in your industry. With this discovery, you can connect with them for a targeted PR campaigns for your company.
Our Customers


1.5 million Ghanaians are active on Facebook. We can place your brand before them.


500,000 tweets are generated daily by Ghanaians. How many of these are your brand's?


How many of the decision makers on the biggest professional network have your brand interacted with?


We help you create professional channel and contentS that go viral. YouTube will take you where TV can't.


All the bloggers, influencing content consumption are waiting to feature your brand in their next article.


With search queries reaching billions daily, how do users find your brand among the noise online?


We help you display your banner ads before millions of audience globally.


We open you up to the world of mobile engagement. Mobile is the future, be part of it!


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